As a busy bankruptcy law firm focusing on solutions for mortgage issues, we were well aware of the 2012 changes in the HAMP programs, as well as the implications of the National Mortgage Settlement.We were already faced with the challenges of providing accurate and critical data when facing opposing counsel in court, and the new programs only added layers of complexity.

We are just loving the REST Report!

We've had several approvals come back within 30 days of hitting U/W status and few files (previously declined) where the approval came back within 30 days of resubmitting the whole file! Can't say enough great things about the report.

I even got an approval on an FHA file where the home owner was 20 months past due.Thank you for making this invaluable resource available to us.

REST REPORT is a rip off

Houston, Texas 71 comments

The REST REPORT is a huge rip off. They charge between $700-1400

for a report called a NPV report. Supposedly, this report

will tell you if your mortgage company will modify your loan.

It is a FRAUD. Anyone can do this themselves in 5 easy steps

and save the $700-1400.

Also, the people who are involved in this are quite dubious.

Moe Bedard, recently out of prison and runs a blog

Martin Andelman, a true shyster and Brian Colombana, a disbarred

California attorney.

Save your money and avoid these frauds at all costs!!!!!!

Report all issues with these people to the California Attorney

Generals Office.


Lexington, Kentucky, United States #839288

I went through a company in California that used the REST report to help me get a modification on my loan.They were fantastic and I think the REST report helped get me a lower payment and in my case a principal reduction on my loan.

So I highly recommend the report.It sure helped in my situation.



I work for an attorney and last year obtained 90% success rate with the modifications I did.

I never accept a client unless they run a npv report.

it is a waste of both my time and the clients time to submit a mod file that will not be approved.

If you think about it the typical mortgage in our area is at least $400,000.

To pay $1100 for a npv report that helps you keep your home is not bad.

I have assisted homeowners who tried to modify on their own but were denied. Luckily I was able to help them get all of their documents filled out correctly and get them approved.

A person can try to run their own NPV report but the REST Report has analytics the lender uses. It also tells you what type of mod you meet the criteria for. You can save $1100 and guess or you can have someone who knows what they are doing help you.

also Martin Andelman does not work for the REST Firm, he only told people about it.JoAnna Jensen

White Plains, New York, United States #764092

the rest report is totally useless to the end user. i suggest contacting the arms corporation

they have a team of real estate and legal professionals that make best use of the rest report among other tools to assist you in using automated software to prepare, print out, and submit your loan modification.

using this method, you can accurately predict to within 100%, the success of your loan mod. money back guarantee.

Ph 855-228-8700

"We Reach Out to Embrace Your Needs"

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #651266

We have used the REST Report to assist many of our clients obtain a loan modification.In fact my personal loan with B of A was 12 months late and I tried on several occasions to get modified with out success.

I ran a Rest Report on my scenario and found I was $12 off from being qualified. I resubmitted my application with the Report and am happy to say that I am now modified and my payment was cut by 60% and I received a principle reduction of $238,000.

I could not be happier with the results, and think I was just $12 off and the bank would not tell me.If you are trying to modify I would not attempt it without a Rest Report.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #623856

The rest report is a very good tool when used properly.The report is only as good as the information entered.

Who ever is doing your report should also be doing a bank call to get exact numbers along with getting proof of the numbers you are providing such as pay stubs, bank statements... No one can guarantee your outcome not even with a rest report. However with a good report run will dramatically increase your chances. If you need help or a little free advice contact me five/six/one/nine/zero/eight/three/four/zero/four.

This whole process of saving ones home is not a walk in the park.

attempting to do so on ones own normally ends in failure.



to ELLA S. #586686

There is a new documentation service in the loan modifiication field which prepares the homeowners loan modification worksheets reflecting their current income, expenses, cash flow as well as their other qualifications and the new modified rate/term per HAMP Guidelines.

It is very detailed with all the ratios and information that a lenders underwriter will need to approve the transaction. will work closely with the homeowner on the phone and take the Homeowners application in the beginning as well as structure the information for an approval by the lender. Everyone is given the personal touch with a live person who really cares and is skilled in the loan moodification field.

Additionally, the system is designed by an underwriter. It allows the client or, the clients representative (Lawyer) to call in an application over the phone. Or, they can download the application from website and email it in for processing.

Upon review and completion of the application process, the final documentation with all the financial worksheets will be developed and emailed to the client for submission to the lenders underwriter, for approval.

The system is very accurate and takes into consideration all the waterfall steps of the HAMP Guidelines and, is designed to insure the necessary income or, expenses for an approval with the lender. This is a very big help to homeowner because it shows them exactly what income/expenses they need to be approved. could be compared to the REST Report because, it does show if it will be a PASS or FAIL with the lender per federal guidelines However, it goes beyond that because it shows the details of the borrowers financial condition with all the current/proposed ratios and cash flow for the underwriter to approve.

We are writing you this letter to establish that there is more than just the "REST Report" to help homeowners get approved for a loan modification and the cost of LoanDocService is very reasonable with professional help during the process to insure homeowners qualify. service is proven to be very successful to help get homeowners approved for a loan modification as well as supply lenders with the solid financial documentation they need to underwrite more effectively.

In-short, service works with you and documents the transaction to insure it meet guidelines and is approval by the lender.

However, the homeowners will need to show the proof of income and expenses represented in the financial documentation to get the loan modification formally approved with the lender.


to John #600018

All you say above may be true...but You assume that folks a)want to learn how to help themselves and b) have the time available to get educated.

Most people these days are looking for a fast fix, with no effort, no money and completely done by someone else - Usually for FREE.

It's not about the REST Report-It's about them when it "doesn't work". My experience is 100% success with more than 100 completed.

My knowledge/experience fees are VERY high.The REST is VERY affordable.

to ELLA S. #600005

No one can guarantee you a mod - and if they do - RUN !FAST !

The REST is full of the bullets needed to arm you with facts to fire your negotiation gun. If you do not know how to use the banker's own info to negotiate a loan mod (or short sale) find (and pay) someone who does. It will be money well spent.

If you don't know how and won't pay an expert who does...well it's kinda like operating on yourself when you're not a doctor.!


So is it a rip off?

to Alexander1310 Orlando, Florida, United States #599994

I have used the REST and REST PSR for a while now.Success rate is 100%.

It is a factual information report that gives you the leverage of knowledge. Can you real a P&L? As with any information tool, the product is useless if you do not know how or what to do with the information.

I highly recommend this product - Although, It is NOT a tool for a novice or for the average homeowner.


So is it a rip off?


There are 7 bits of info needed to determine whether you qualify, The five steps to get a mod are probably

1-get the HAMP hanbook from and study it

2-go to to see if you pass the npv test. The result from that siteCAN be used to appeal a denial, while the rest report is useless to the HAMP escalation team

3- I recommend calling 888-995-HOPE to apply, but be sure to use precise info on income and expenses when you apply.If you submit different info later, or if what you submit does not match your credit report, you are asking for problems.

4-If you experience a delay, or get a denial, call the HOPE number and ask them to make a 3 way call to get real answers. They have access to a higher level of bank reps for many lenders, who have full access to your file.

5-if you get denied for an invalid reason, (in writing) appeal through HAMP escalations following the handbook directions.

If you get denied for a valid reason, don't give up. Fannie and freddie have multiple other programs that you can learn about on their websites, and if your bank won't help you, you can contacy fannie/freddie yourself.

If you apply and don't hear back within 30-45 days, start making phone calls. I found that I was lied to by the bank reps when calling them myself, but finally got honest answers when I had a HOPE rep on the line.

HOPE can help you with appealing a denial, but I had excellent results when using HAMP soltions or HAMP escalations.

You will spend as much time dealing with rest report people as a third party as you will doing it all yourself. Communication ALWAYS takes longer when there are more parties involved.

All they have is some knowledge that you can get with a few hours of work.


You say you can do this in five easy steps. How?



the rest report ONLY tells you if you qualify for a loan mod, or why you don't qualify. All of that info is available for free. Either you can do it yourself, or get help free help from a housing counselor. To do it yourself, go to or to get started. Be aware that you need to gather the info and make sure it is correct.

You need to be precise with the info you enter, you can get tax, ins, and loan info from your lender or loan docs. Be sure to use monthly income- a month is 4.3 weeks. If it says you qualify for a` HAMP mod, you can use that info to appeal if the bank denies the mod.

If you carefully read all the BS about the rest report, you will find that all it does it tell you if you qualify, it does NOT help at all with the application process unless you want to pay them a total of over $3500.

If you check out the users forum on loansafe, you will see that even those who pay as much as $1500 for the rest report alone, without any help, have as much trouble getting approved as anyone else who goes through the process without paying a dime. Don't waste your money on the rest report. Do your research, and save time and money. Read the HAMP handbook from hmpadmin, read how to appeal, If you find that you don;t qualify from then play with the income figures to see what you need to earn to qualify.

If you have fannie or freddie loan, go to their sites to see what other options you have.The time you end up spending wil be less than the time you spend dealing with the rest report people, when all is said and done has all the documents you need


The REST report is a comprehensive analysis that works.The report gives a homeowner ALL the data that is being analyzed not just a pass or fail that checkmynpv spits out.

If your a homeowner reading this, believe me, REST works.If your upside down, and your payment is more than 31% of your PITI you need REST.

to gbrown #600011

I agree 100%.It works.

It's all about the numbers. The REST is a concentrated dose (of the numbers parameters) in a snapshot layout that makes it easy to get the best within the allowable guidelines.

It takes the "best-guess" work out of the equation completely!A super tool for a realtor!


The REST report works, it gives you ALL of the information you need to KNOW that your are qualified OR not, and WHY. Sometimes knowing WHY your not eligible gives you a chance to fix it BEFORE you lose your house the servicer.

I just ran a checkmynpv report on a case, and the report simply tells you if you pass or fail, the REST is a comprehensive analysis that is second to none.

If your a homeowner, counselor, or an attorney, trust me, the REST is exactly what you need and whatever the price is, it is worth it.

The rhetoric spewed by these negative posters is wrong, they do not know what they're talking about.

Good Luck in your fight for justice and the American dream.


my bad news for rest report fans.

If you buy the full service plan, beware the fine pring.

Go to loansafe, and read the users reports, where buyers who paid $3500 have NO mod($4200 when you add in the cost of the rest report) and this is justified because they rec'd a mod offer that was reported as 55% of income. Guarantee was also reported to be not a guarantee of an affordable mod, but any mod, or even a trial offer.Very few have actually reported any success. Many who had questions after purchased, or complained, are no longer posting on loansafe. Coincidence? I doubt it because I know what happened to me when I questioned it.


jim wise-

the point is that the rest report does nothing for you that you can't do on your own with just a little effort. The other full service mod help they offered is at least guaranteed, with no upfront payment, even though it is way more expensive than most in trouble can afford.

But the rst report itself is still a ripoff, when it isabsolutely unnecessary and uselees as far as getting a mod. If you did some research, you would have seen that a large number of people who paid $700 or more for the rest report still ended up taking a year to get modified, proving the uselessness of it all.

My advice- save your money, follow the previously posted info, read the program rules, and see if it is too difficult. It5 really is not that complicated, and all the info you need to do it your self is information you need to provide to get the rest report. It should take less than an hour to gather the info you need, and another hour to determine on your own if you qualify. Is it really worth $700 to save 2 hours of your time, when you will spend that much time getting the rest report anyway?


jim wise-

the point is that the rest report does nothing for you that you can't do on your own with just a little effort. The other full service mod help they offered is at least guaranteed, with no upfront payment, even though it is way more expensive than most in trouble can afford.

But the rst report itself is still a ripoff, when it isabsolutely unnecessary and uselees as far as getting a mod. If you did some research, you would have seen that a large number of people who paid $700 or more for the rest report still ended up taking a year to get modified, proving the uselessness of it all.

My advice- save your money, follow the previously posted info, read the program rules, and see if it is too difficult. It5 really is not that complicated, and all the info you need to do it your self is information you need to provide to get the rest report. It should take less than an hour to gather the info you need, and another hour to determine on your own if you qualify. Is it really worth $700 to save 2 hours of your time, when you will spend that much time getting the rest report anyway?


i have used the services of charlie not an employee or a neighbor or a brother in law.

they helped me as promised. they earned every penny. i would trust them to help my mother. they were professional and helpfull.

so before you start blabbering about them or me about the fact they screw people. realize im willing to stand up in person and discuss my real experience with you in public.

im tired of people trashing people from behind a keyboard.thanks charlie for giving me my sanity back jim


I wanted to thank the poster and those who posted such helpful comments.I spent 3 days looking for this type of info- this needs to be on youtube.

You just saved me a lot of trouble and want to say thank you.

I will try to post this on youtube for others.Amazing info- God Bless you guys!!


I wanted to thank the poster and those who posted such helpful comments.I spent 3 days looking for this type of info- this needs to be on youtube.

You just saved me a lot of trouble and want to say thank you.

I will try to post this on youtube for others.Amazing info- God Bless you guys!!


if anyone wants free help, please just ask before spending a dime. Get the free HAMP handbook at and go to the treasury free qualification site at USe accurate income figures- for instance if you get paid weekly, you don't just multiply by 4 to get monthly. Multiply by 52 because there are 52 weeks in a year, and then divide that by 12 to get monthly. It is imperative to submit accurate figures.

There is also a free appeals procedure set up outside your own servicer, with two levels, and two stages at each level.

If you need help, I can offer free suggestions before you waste a dime of your hard earned money.


I have been scam 4 times

2 was Loan Mod

Names of the companies

L.I.S Mortgage

Mortgage Bail Out

Bk Atty

Natwide Audit Loan

to A. Sheppard Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #590873



Thank you, I was almost scam - I have never heard of the rest report until I talk to Mr. Rose.

Thank you again May God Bless you


I'm considering running a report to better prepare myself to present his information to my lender.

Has anyone had success ? :?


This was forwarded to me from 'rgdeliveryguy' who was banned after he suggested using the treasuries free NPV site. His suggestion was deleted also.This proves that loansafe is just a sales front for the rest report, and that the rest report does not want anyone to know that free help is available. The treasury's NPV test has been independently tested to verify its accuracy for modification use. These are the reasons I say that the rest report is a useless scam, and the owners are deceiptful.-------------------------------------------------------------------------



Welcome, rgdeliveryguy

Welcome to

Welcome, rgdeliveryguy., be sure to check out the FAQ section if you have any questions. Also please take a moment and update your with your latest information.

vBulletin Message



vBulletin Message

You have been banned for the following reason:

Now You Can Go Join a HAMP Only Forum With FREE NPV Tests!!

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


Tracey- The post before yours says his company has verified the accuracy of the treasury free website-

If you verify the npv value on that site and meet the other qualifications, you should be modified. Servicers still use faulty inputs, like making 'errors' in your income, to issue erroneous denials, but if you pass the NPV test at the treasury site, you should fight.

The HAMP handbook indicates how to challenge a denial by the servicers. Get the HAMP handbook at and it will help you figure out if you meet the program requirements, and if your income is too high or too low to fit in the rules.

IF your current payment including tax, ins, and HOA if any, is already less than 31% of your GROSS income, you make too much.

Too figure out if you make too little, take 70% of the loan balance, then multiply that by 0.304, and add in your tax, ins, and escrow. That result must be less than 31% of your gross income.

Example- you owe $200k. 70% is $140k. $140k times 0.304 equals $425. If your tax,ins,HOA are $575, the total is #1000($425+$575). In this example, $1000 is 31% of $3226. So if you owe $200k, you must earn at least $3226, based on the escrow amount of $575. So the tax, ins, and HOA amounts have a great bearing.

If you are current on your payments, there are further restrictions, but if you are 60 days late, pass the NPV test, and meet the income test, you should demand your modification.

The absolute only thing the rest report does is to do those simple calculations and run their own NPV test. They may also indicate whether you qualify for other standard mods, which you can also figure on your own, in most cases, by checking the fannie mae and freddie mac sites, if you have a fannie or freddie loan.

report is a scam, ripoff, etc. You do not need to pay up to $1500 for free info.

This is why the rest

If you pass the NPV at the treasury site, it needs this info, and a few dollars off can make a difference, so use exact figures.


How do you get the NPV?


Anyone offering a tool or algorithm that helps responsible homeowners keep their property is on the right side of the fence.

Even if the the Rest Report is charging $1,500 dollars to show that a benefit exists to modify the terms of a mortgage loan versus foreclosure, you have a right to choose to pay, or go it alone.

ADAPT Enterprise, LLC has just sponsored a website that allows homeowners to run free proprietary NPV Calculations. MY NPV allows homeowners to download free information such as a lender questionnaire, free credit report and to also run a Free NPV Test. The site is similar to the CheckMyNPV website since both are actually free. Every company that services over 40 billion in loans uses a different NPV formula.

The MY NPV website runs calculations that differ from the website, who runs different calculations than the Rest Report, who runs different calculations than the loan servicer, who runs different calculations than Free HAMP Report. We have compared over 5,000 Reports off the MY NPV Calculator with findings from the website, and each one passed. Our years of experience working with loss mitigation and providing our model to thousands of homeowners has allowed us to determine that; passing the NPV Test is part of a much larger process. we have discovered that homeowners can certainly achieve loan modifications on their own if they pass and NPV test, managing the process correctly and documenting everything is what truly provides results.

That does not mean that what the REST Report is offering is wrong. In fact, there are many folks willing to pay $1,500 to be armed with the information they provide. Like any market that has an estimated demand of at least 14 million potential customers, they will face competition, and they will have to compete or acquire their potential competitors. In any event, Martin is not a bad guy, and his material helps spread the word that help is available.

If the folks that do not like the REST Report want to expose real fraud, look no further than the member banks of the Federal Reserve System. In summary, there are free NPV Reports available at Check My NPV and My NPV. You have Fee Based reports available at REST Report and Free HAMP report.

The choice is available for all and if some choose to pay I feel they have a right to do so.That is what made America great, freedom to choose...


This company and all the people surrounding them smell like dead fish!If anyone offers you a RestReport RUN RUN FAST AND GET AWAY!

Company is run by a little man named Charlie rose, then we have ex-cons and disbarred attorneys doing ads for them.

What a shocker. Charlie rose had 75 complaints with the San Diego district attorney for the company that he used to work for Haffar and associates (he is the associate).

This people must go to jail!This report and a roll of bathroom tissue works for the same purpose.


the president of the rest report promotes his product on and in his thread, he personally talks about many of his vlients who have had to appeal a denial after using the rest report. Now why would the previous poster lie and say that zero customers have been denied?

IF by chance someone is denied a mod after applying due to a negative NPV report, the HAMP directrives set out the appeals process, which do not include the est report. The appeals process requires using corrected inputs and the official treasury NPV test. The escalation process will not recognze the rest report, and if the official treasury NPV test is negative, that is what the servicer will use.

For a HAMP mod, it is important to use the correct, approved procedures, unless you want to end up in court waving your copy of the rest report.

Anyone advising you to do anything but follow the directives to the letter is taking your home into their hands.

PS- on loansafe, there have been a lot of examples of people who have not been approved for a mod after purchasing the rest report. Several have been deleted, but several do remain, because those people haven't yet realized that the rest report didn't do them anygood, and are still holding out hope.

Again, the tresury dept, in charge of loansafe, has set up the official website specifically so borrowers can verify that they got a correct result from their servicer, and the treasury encourages borrowers to use the result to appeal any denial.

Several other posters on loansafe have purchased the rest report only to later find out that their servicer(investor) does not allow mods. So even if you buy the rest report, and pass it, and it says you qualify for a mod, it wil be useless if your investor doesn't allow mods.

Use the free resources available, apply for a mod, and only if you get a denial due to NPV should you even think about the rest report, but even then, only after you use the free treasury services, and then still get a denial due to NPV.

Everything else that the rest report purports to do for you is basic info that is free just by reading the rules.


Some naysayers never learn. There is an ulterior motive on behalf of the negative posters here, but I have no idea what it is. The REST Report has succeeded 4000 out of 4000 times, and these, non-customers cannot refute that. There are several websites that promote the REST Report, and the software is the same for all customers, if in fact the purchaser gets the official report with official letterhead. Call or email meandI'll send you a sample.

Once again, I call the reader's attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of the HAMP site. There is no disclaimer from the REST Report. The HAMP site is little more than a parlor game. - Go get 'em Angry Birds.

Mortgage servicers are not required to abide by There are more calculations than just NPV for a mortgage modification. The REST inputs are expressly required by HAMP or in-house mortgage modification requirements.

If the reader has any confidence in US Gov't statistics, I have a bridge in the Arizona desert for sale.

If you have a death wish and want to spend the countless hours, with no promise of success, follow dennis. Then go sue him after you lose your house. Or bet on 4000 of 4000 successes.

My customers have never had to appeal the REST to the mortgage servicer. I happen to have the best hardship letter template available anywhere. Coincidence? I dunno.

When you realize that a legally submitted mortgage modification application eliminates any right of the servicer to collect any fees, concern over how long the servicer might take to wake up and be socially responsible really don't matter, do they? There's no such thing as 'bulk processing' when a personal hardship letter is involved.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my pride in being a 'confederate' of Martin Andelman. Mr. jj, you would be so lucky. Notice he doesn't do his own research, he just regurgitates old tripe. Again, what could possibly be his ulterior motive? He hasn't confirmed doing a mortgage modification without the REST Report, and neither has dennis.

After three weeks of this nonsense, I'm still waiting for the Colorado AG to contact me in any way, and anyone to tell me where to turn myself in. Nincompoops all.

Chris Dix

(replace the spaces with hyphens and add the customary 'dot' you-know-what and the REST will save you.


If you go to the website promoting this ripoff, you will see that the people who buy the report are the very slow individuals who can barely tie their own shoes.

Anyone of average IQ can easily navigate the system, and none of the HAMP qualifications require anything more than a simple knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to determine whether you qualify.

The fee treasury site, is the only NPV test that servicers are required to take notice of in any appeal of a denial for a HAMP mod. Since the rest report uses slightly different inputs, it is not an acceptable form of appealing a HAMP denial. It may be useful in court, or it may not, but either way, if you are already in court, you have severe problems, and even the rest report probably won't help.

According to treasury dept statistics, only 7% of HAMP mod denials are for failing the NPV test, so at most, only 7% of people would even potentially benefit. And that is assumiong that all denials for NPV are incorrect.

Best thing to do is to read up on the process, send in your application, check the free treasury NPV site, and make sure you follow up.

That is the same process that all users of the rest report have to do anyway. Even this scammer who calls himself dix, and the other calling himself restreportmatters state for a fact that their clients still have to go through all the same problems of bank errors and appeals.

When you read their victims' stories, you see that those people have all the same issues, and take just as long as anyone else. All the rest report people do is to hold their hands and tell them that everything is great.

Those poor buyers of the rest report are so stupefied that they are believing a 6-8 week response to a trial application is fantastic, when servicers are supposed to respond within days. The 6 week time frame is about the same with or without the rest report. Some people get faster results, some slower, with or without the report. And that is more a function of servicers handling applications in 'batches' and processing in bulk. If someone's application gets in on the right day, they may hear back within a week or two, while someone who applies just after the last batch was processed may end up waiting close to two months. That is just how bulk processing works.

One of the favorite customers on their website applied in January, and is just now approved for a trial- not even a permanent mod. Another was denied a mod for missing paperwork, and the rest report ignored. Another who bought the report in January was denied completely, not eligible, and is going to try and sue.

None of those people understood what the process for getting a mod was, or what factors determine eligibilty before they bought the report.

But mandelman, charlie rose, chris dix and the rest of the cons all got their piece of the pie.


The person who posts here as Mortgage Md Monster is, in fact a person named Christian Dix, a petty convicted criminal who is a confederate of Martin Andelman and the other promoters of the REST Report swindle.

More specific information about Mr. Dix is posted at the MS Fraud site.

The REST Report is a scam and a swindle. Mr. Andelman is a fraud. is a fraud. Mr. Andelman and his confederates have created scores of various sites which purport to help borrowers, but which are in fact operated by a network of criminals engaged in loan modification scams.

The REST Report swindle is a criminal enterprise and these people all belong in jail.


I feel sorry for anyone who follows the advice of the initial poster, or dennis, or jjohnson. They will lose in or out of court. The attorneys I used to do mortgage modification applications for all ceased their efforts almost exactly a year ago precisely because they did not have the REST Report. Anyone can calculate their own NPV, for instance. But your case will be denied if you do. The REST has shown itself to be a spectacular tool in saving homes.

The site is a parlor game - about as useful as Farmville. Reading the disclaimer will reveal that. The REST uses the same software the banks use. The reason you can't find REST principals is because the mortgage servicers have never successfully challenged it in court.

I challenge the gutless wonder jjohnson to turn me in himself, or find me at the MSFraud forum and contact me there since this site will not allow links. I'll be tickled to turn myself in, again. If one puts dashes between my sign in name and adds the typical 'dot' you-know-what, you can find me also.

There are so many inaccuracies in the posts by dennis that I won't even glorify them with comments.

It is the tragedy of the internet that this kind of "flaming" exists and thrives. It will be a true tragedy if a person loses their home for whatever treacherous agenda motivates the false information here.

Chris Dix


REST REPORT MATTERS has been accepted by mortgage servicers over several thousand times at this point as anyone can see on a forum for users that is the #1 self help forum for modification and short sale around, and anyone is welcome to check this fact by checking REST Report Matters' references as they are available and from homeowners and attorneys who have purchased the comprehensive toolkit of the report and related materials for a certain price and which includes live support.

The live support is to make sure the mortgage servicers are not making the mistakes they often make when it comes to doing mathematical calculations and making bad decisions resulting in foreclosure in their financial best interests.

THE REST REPORT MATTERS because it shows why you qualify for a loan modification or short sale and what you can do to qualify if you don't. was launched May 23rd 2011 and is somewhat helpful to certain users, but the site is not a fair comparison to the REST REPORT MATTERS and is not nearly as comprehensive as the results in the REST Report and does not come with live support and how to get the results you want.

REST REPORT MATTERS runs a set of free pre-screening checks of income and home value for each potential buyer to see if buying the toolkit would help their case because if they don't have "sufficient" income, or the right home value range or expenses, they may get an NPV negative result where foreclosure is deemed more valuable than modification or short sale.

About 50% to 70% of prospective clients make too much or too little income or don’t have the house value or other expenses to be able to benefit from buying the toolkit so they are told why buying the toolkit will not benefit them and are discouraged from buying it.

REST REPORT MATTERS will run a for every homeowner who wants one as well, to show the differences between that and the REST REPORT sample report available online and why the differences matter so much because of the details presented in the REST Report Findings.

The homeowner must know that the NPV for their modification or short sale is higher than the NPV for foreclosure, and how to use this information to get the results they want, or paying someone or some company to do the work for them, since getting a modification or short sale takes north of several hours in most cases.

Homeowners can spend numerous hours trying to find the information from the MHA handbook and announcements and from free online resources, and that is encouraged and welcomed, homeowners should be educated about the process and what numbers work and which numbers don't work.

The REST REPORT MATTERS because it shows exactly what values work for a modification or short sale and what values do not work and why they are better than foreclosure or not.

All the necessary info is available from REST Report Matters for you to determine where you stand and get feedback from live help that has been shown to be helpful.

If you like to work on things on your own and don't want to pay for anything that will help you, then that is your choice, REST REPORT MATTERS doesn't force anyone to buy anything and do provide robust help that makes a difference, because the information and homeowner matters and is tailored to each homeowner based on thousands of cases.

The free treasury site does not ask for all the info you would need to provide to the REST Report for them to determine your eligibility.

You can use the free site to play around with and see if you are barely qualified by adjusting your income or property value by a few % in each direction and of course this is only a cost in time not money.

And as a pure matter of fact, only a certain percentage of people make enough income, have the right home value, and the right expense to income ratios, to qualify for a modification so the servicers use other language to deny you, knowing that everyone is trying to get a mod or short sale, so REST REPORT MATTTERS helps you find a path that will allow you to get a modification or short sale.

Again, nobody pays any money unless they can see how they will benefit. REST Report Matters because there is simply nothing else like it in the world, despite what people may say. Find out for yourself, you have no risk and no obligation to buy anything.

You can see the true results that people are getting on the user forum or where people are going through the same denials with the rest report and learning that lenders make mistakes all the time and without the team at REST Report, they would be on their own.

The live support from the REST REPORT MATTERS personnel scramble to keep the clients from falling through the foreclosure cracks because lenders make 3-5 times more money in foreclosure, and sometimes it is necessary to stand by the results and escalate against the servicers (that's why escalation exists) on the other side who work to make more money in foreclosure, and not because REST REPORT MATTERS is afraid of users making complaints but by calling HAMP administration on those customers behalf to make sure that clients get the results they are looking for because they are qualified.

REST REPORT MATTERS asks that each prospect reading this, to do your homework, check references and if you have plenty of time to figure out the rules and guidelines, then go ahead and do that and spend your time, and not your money.

For the REST of the folks out there, paying under $1,000.00 and not spending the time or frustration to try to figure out where you stand, then THE REST REPORT MATTERS because it is a cost that is well worth your time.


Only the free NPV test is accepted should you need to appeal a denial by your servicer for any HAMP mod. All the other qualifying info is also avasilable for free, and most of it can be found in the HAMP handbook.

All the necessary info is available in the handbook for you to determine if your income is sufficient to qualify for a mod, or too little or too much.

The free treasury site asks for all the info you would need to provide to the rest report for them to determine your eligibility, but you would need to pay the rest report up to $1495.

You can use the free site to play around with and see if you are barely qualified by adjusting your income or property value by a few % in each direction.

And as a pure matter of fact, only 7% of modification denials come from failing the NPV test anyway. So paying $1495 to find out if you pass a test that few fail when you can get the official NPV result for free is just a waste of money.

You can see the true results that people are getting on a mtg forum site where people are going through the same denials with the rest report. rest report people are scrambling to keep them from making further complaints by calling HAMP administration on those customers behalf.

A few posters have even been banned after complaining that the rest report would not help them. Another scam site has over 500 posts about complaints on the rest report.has some of their postings.

And the only 'ax' I have to grind is that I personally was involved in helping get dozens of people get their loans modified for free, until I was banned from the website for making the same claims I have continued to make here. I still claim that the rest report is a useless waste of money, and that the salesmen know this, and are taking advantage of people who don't know better. If even one person takes a few minutes to educate himself about the mod process, and thus saves up to $1495, I have done my smal bit to help others, which is my only 'ax.'


The REST Report from REST Report Matters is not the same thing as the website and has many other details that help you understand why qualify or do not and if this qualification is better than foreclosure.

THE REST REPORT is not a rip off and can be used by clients to get the loan modification they need.

There is a user on this site that post often, and he is not a customer nor has he ever been a customer and does nothing but try to say the REST Report doesn't work or shouldn't be purchased.

He has personal agenda and axe to grind obviously.

We stand by our product and the support that comes along with the purchase for effective use, and offer free assistance to show why you qualify or not BEFORE purchase.

If anyone has any questions, for us, please don't hesistate to let us know, as we offer FREE income and property analysis and have several hundred references of actual customers who have purchased a REST Report that Matters.

REST Report Matters - is a company set out to help homeowner who are seeking loan modification or short sale to know why they qualify or don't qualify and what they can do about it if they don't qualfy.


I can counter every single argument that anyone from the rest report makes in regards to purchasing one in regards to getting a loan modification under HAMP.

Attorneys may like it because it saves them the work of going to the treasury site to see if you pass the free NPV test, which is just as valid and accepted as the rest report. If someone at the rest report claims it can't be valid because it doesn't ask what your purchase price was, or what your original LTV was, they are proving how dumb they are. What matters is CURRENT value, and CURRENT LTV in determining NPV. What you paid 10 yrs ago is irrelevant. The fact that they are unaware of the irrelevancy of that info should be enough to dissuade anyone.

Besides the continued availability of free NPV testing, there are problems with the personnel involved with the rest report, From one of them releasing private info about one of their detractors on line, to threats sent to me that I 'don't know who (I'm) messing with, and better be careful, to a supposedly unbiased blogger who lauds the report as an amazing product, but not disclosing that he profits from each one sold, to a convicted felon who pushes the product on his previously uncensored website, to many other associates of these peole with very questionable backgrounds, anyone who deals with this crowd is nuts, and risking the same possible release of private info.

Ignore all the long legal citing, it means zilch. It is merely an attemp to distract you. They did the same on another site, trying to use a consumer protection site as free advertising.


Thanks for the warning I was just about to have a knock down drag out fight with my husband on why I felt we needed this REST report. You all just saved Father's Day weekend. Thank goodness I listened to my gut and not my desperate heart.


redrocket63- you ask if someone would pay a roofer to fix his roof or a mechanic to repair his car, or do it himself. I agree that somethings are worth paying for. But if you ran out of gas, would you pay a mechanic $800 to pump your tank full, or pay a roofer $800 see if you needed a new roof?

What the rest report people are doing is barely more complicated than pumping gas, and less complicated that calculating the cost of a roof replacement. They sell people on the idea that getting a mod is too difficult, yet once they send you the report, you still have to do the complicated part- fill out the application, get it to the right dept, and make sure that you follow up with it.

If you want to compare the rest report to a mechanic, it is more like paying a mechanic $800 to sit at the phone and tell you how to change your air filter, while you do the actual work.


In reply to redrocket63- the rest report does not make any difference. All it does it tell the borrower that he/she should qualify. He still has to apply, and the servicer will still run all the required tests. According to reports on loansafe, even with the rest report, borrowers are stil having problems with servicers correctly processing the info. In almost every case, the people at rest report end up having to correct the same problems, and end up making the same calls borrowers could have made themselves if they knew better. The borrower still has to make the call to the rest report people, who then make the call to HAMP solutions, or the servicer.

There are multiple reports of lost documents and errors in income calculation, as well as trial payment calculation.

Just because these poor people don't know that they could make the same calls, the rest report people are taking their $800 or more and in reality, just acting to keep the borrower from contacting the servicer.

No fewer calls are required of the borrower using the rest report, no less information gathering.

And since the rest report people are not attorneys, and are charging upfront to perform these services such as making phone calls for the borrower, they are breaking the laws. They claim to sell just the report, and all the service is free, but that is a joke. It takes minutes to run the report, and costs little. The money is for the time they spend, making phone calls to the servicer before running the report, and making calls again after the borrower gets his denial.

And you say you know where someone can get an NPV test done more cheaply. Since May 23rd(?) the treasury has a simple to use FREE NPV test that tells borrowers if they qualify. It took me only about 5 minutes to enter the info and get the result, although the site says it could take up to 15 minutes. I guess that is for people who type worse than I do.

That test can be run multiple times so a borrower can see how close he is using varying income and property value.

And if a borrower is denied due to NPV, the borrower can use HAMP solutions and HOPE to help get the data the servicer used, and verify that the result is correct. Again, this is FREE.

There is not a single part of what the rest report does that a borrower can't either do himself for free, or get help from a HUD counselor, or other source, again for free. OF course, the borrower will want to make sure the counselor is familiar with HAMP, and if not, find another counselor.

Most borrowers in need of a mod simply cannot afford to WASTE their money on a report that means nothing to the servicer. All that people are getting from the report is the idea that they qualify, which they can get FREE. Then, because they know they qualify, they move forward, and work with the system to get their mod. These people only believe it is the report that got them the mod. It is called a *** game because the scammers give the mark

'confidence' in the scheme. That is all the rest report does. It gives the weak and afraid the confidence to move ahead with something they qualified for all along, but just didn't know any better.

If the rest report people took over all the paperwork, and the borrower did nothing, and was guaranteed a mod before being required to pay, it would be a worthwhile time saver for those with cash to burn.

And the lies they tell. They claim that they get people mods in weeks. That is an absolute lie. They may get a denial appeal through in weeks, just like anyone else, or they may have a borrower get approved for a trial in weeks, like anyone else, but absolutely no one goes from first application to a complete permanent HAMP mod in less than 4 months start to finish, just like anyone else.


We live in a strange world indeed, my friends.

Can someone who knows how long a typical loan modification takes and the effort and time required to get the deal done please tell me what a fair price would be to pay for a modification assistance?

I have personally done loan mods for myself, for others...some in the context of a law firm setting...some in the context of just trying to help someone but being paid for the effort.

That said, I believe that charging upwards of $2,500+ for the work is too much. But what I find strange is how many people go bonkers when someone charges something for a service or product that "you can do yourself".

When my car broke down recently, I could have fixed it myself. But I don't have the time or tools. Was the mechanic ripping my off because I could have done it myself?!?

Currently my roof needs repair. I could do it myself. But I wouldn't consider 'purchasing' the work of a roofer a rip-off just because I could do it myself.

The argument revolving around the Rest Report misses the point. Yes, you can do it yourself. Does the Rest Report make a difference? Yes, it does. How much would you pay for this? I don't know but (good grief) that doesn't make the product a scam or the people involved scammers.

If the Rest Report continually proves it worth then its price will likely stay where it is (although I know where you can obtain one for a lot less). But if competitive market forces prevail, the cost will decline like most items of its kind.

Meanwhile, let's lighten up...all of us, shall we?


If you don't believe me, question the validity of the Rest report on and watch yourself be BANNED from the site. Or offer up the phone number to Hope Now for a 3-way call to your servicer, you'll be banned too!


Rest Report is a pretends to be an open forum, but really is a lead generator for the REST report.

The sad part is that distressed homeowners are only steered towards buying the report and other free more helpful information is not given.Because of that, people may be losing their houses because they are not directed to the proper help.


Forgot to mention that the rest report people do not want you to know that the free NPV tool is available, and already have tried to claim it was invalid, even though it is the actual HAMP NPV test.

If you buy the rest report, it doesn't do anything to change your results, and won't prevent the servicer from 'losing' documents or making errors with your income. There are several of the people on loansafe who have purchased the report who have yet to get their mod after about 5 months. And some of the people who did get a mod could have gotten the mod without the report. The people who bought the report and did not get a mod are proof that it is not helpful, while there is no proof that anyone has gotten a mod due to the rest report. Yet there are hundreds of thousands who have gotten mods WITHOUT the rest report.

What gets people through the process when they are having problems is education and knowledge, not some $795 scam. Hundreds if not thousands of people on loansafe got the info they needed for free, including me, to get through the mod process auccessfully before the rest report. Judging from the current content, the percent of people getting approved is not any higher than it was before the scammers at rest report took over.


There is nothing in the ret report that you can't get for free. Now the treasury even has an easy to use test at that will tell you if you pass the NPV test. You can use it as many times as you want to see if changing income, or property value makes a difference. You can even use it to determine how close you are to failing the NPV test by changing the numbers until you fail, if you pass on your first try. The only downfall is that you don't get an actual value, so you could pass by $1. So it is important to try several times to see how close you are. I tried it and it took about 5 minutes once I had all the inputs ready.

My problem with the rest report is that people don't need it. If you are denied a mod due to NPV, you can have treasury run an actual NPV test and get the actual results. Most denials are for something other than NPV, and the rest report is useless, or at the absolute minimum way overpriced to tel you if you meet HAMP guideleines. I can tell you in my sleep if you meet everything but the NPV test, or imminent default, and you can find out for free if you pass the NPV test. And the rest report will not tell you if you meet the imminent default test or not either.

I first only posted against the rest report because I wanted to make public the personal threat made against me by the so-called president of the rest report when I originally questioned its value. Then when they decided to bad mouth me personally, I figured I could do the same.

Since that time, my posts questioning the value of the rest report on loansafe have all been deleted, moe the excon owner of loansafe has put his name on my remaining posts, and every other poster who has suggested that alternatives to the rest report are available has had their posts removed as well.

Recently, a professional who has made another NPV analysis available posted on loansafe, and his posts were deleted within hours.

For anyone elses info- I did not start this thread, and I was not even banned from loansafe until well after this complaint thread was started.

No one needs to spend any money to do what the scamsters at rest report do, I can direct you to available help that will help you for free if you have had problems with your HAMP application. Some people just don't qualify.


so that's what happened to Menace!Ya know I gotta say anyone who buys this Rest Report is a *** fool...

maybe I'm just better at sniffing out ***-men, but it's so *** obvious...why don't yall try and prove to me the sky ain't chicken?


For those of you that are asking for proof that it works I ask you to show me proof that it doesn't work??I am in the works of getting this report and I don't think it's a scam.

They won't even sell the report to you until they run the initial #'s and talk to the bank via 3-way to get all the details to see if you even qualify for a modification. You Mr. Menace have a big "bug" up your butt and an agenda against and the individuals that offer the REST report.

Why are you so fanatical about bringing them down.I wish to see proof that it doesn't work and from someone who used the product.


Its downright evil to prey on those that are already on hard times. This whole REST report is a ploy to extract money from those looking for any form of positive message that they might keep their homes, despite the banks saying to the contrary. I've spent about 5 hours now with the 'Rest Report' folks and I can only say that I felt like I was being scammed from the moment it started. And how can a simple report make any difference? I mean unless its a legal document that I can use in a lawsuit I can't afford to file against a bank I can't afford to beat, what's the point? $1000 flushed down the drain if you ask me.

What concerns me more is that push this like its the only solution to folk's in trouble and that's just wrong. A properly formulated application, with correct and detailed information, sent to the right person at the bank would have a far better chance of success rather than giving them some report they probably don't give a craap about and is meaningless.

I want to hear if ANYONE has truly gotten any better results from spending the money on such a report, or is this just another *** idea that won't work?

Its hard to trust anyone in this den of thieves. banks, rest reporters, loansafe, etc.


Charlie Rose sits on and helps people on line all day long. I have noticed since Menace IE: Dennis here on this board was banned from the mortgage forum, that was when the first complaint about Rest Report started.

Now my friend that does not make any logical sense, None of you have ussed the Rest Report, why in the world would you lie about something that is really working. I dont want to be called a ploy by any means, so i rather stay anonymous. If i was scammed or thought something was a rip off I would not be hidden behind my computer. I would be loud and proud. There is not one issue, at all online saying someone got the REST REPORT, and was unhappy.

If there was the company would resolve the issue. I have worked with the Rest Matters

Please stop hurting a company that is actually working for us who have a home. I tried for 2 years. It took 4 weeks using the Rest Report.


Mandelman makes $25 a pop on the Rest Report.


If this report isn't a scam, what I want to see is PROOF.What I have heard/read is that these folks claim there were successful mods based on this report.

But I have seen no proof.Where is the proof?


I would love to hear more complaints,about this company. :?

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #264683

Charlie Rose as well as some other rest report employees, came from Haffar and Associates after Mr.Haffar stopped paying them, Haffar has since fled the country.

from one *** to the next.Rest report is a scam.


Now they have deleted many pages of posts that encouraged borrowers to use altered income info when applyig for a loan mod at the loansafe site run by the excon.They also edited posts where they blatantly were offering services in violation of laws that prohibit collecting fees upfront for performing service in conjunction with a loan mod.

RRM, loansafe, Andleman, and moe want the CA AG to believe that performing a budget analysis is not a service.This budget analysis is where they determine if you need to make up more income to qualify.


just go to to see all the vitriolic language that the rest report 'president' uses to downgrade anyone who says someone does not need the report to get a mod.Going to loansafe is a joke because they have deleted all the negative reports.

Rest report is either a major source of income for loansafe, or the owner of the site has sold his soul in return for letting the rest report 'president' run the show.Of course you won't see negative info on a site he is running.


This is a person that has not even used or seen the rest report used, if they have let me know illl give you a full refund just tell me your report ID # at the top of your rest report and who ran the report on page 2. Please include your email, if you have any problem. Anyone that has a

Problem and uses the name anonymous, is just a joke. Really if i had a

Problem I would not hide, that this for sure. Then go talk to everyone that is using it right now on Old forum members around long before we were in there. In fact one of the oldest members DAVEPhX

As far as haffar, yes We did offer the the rest report to this firm but we also offer several other firms the rest report as well, nothing will change that but in no way because we provide a rest report to a firm does that make us one and the same. Today we signed up 4 more firms, gee I hope we don't get accused of being them. There is a law suit going on for mr haffar and and if he was still around the report access would be pulled right away, however he has shut down his practice. We do our best to police everything.


The Rest Report is associated with

Mohammed Haffar out of San Diego

Please google this man. Look at all

the complaintss! There is no way they

are all false.

Run away from these folks with money in

your pocket!


These folks are FRAUDS! They

need to be reported to law enforcement

Dennis for making those kind of threats!


Here is a threat I received from Charlie Rose when I suggested other solutions other than buying his report. Since then, my posts offering free suggestions have been deleted and the website/forum is deluged with salesmen pushing everyone with a question to buy the report, even if the question has nothing to do with the NPV result, even saying the report is needed if the bank claims a document is missing. Heres the message I was sent after saying that most people do not need the rest report to get a mod.--

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Your a complete tool.

6 Hours Ago Charlie Rose

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Join Date:Jan 2011

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Posts:247Your a complete tool

You like loan right? Well I would really knock off your bs that really has no bearing the guy had a Freddie Mac loan, and the question had nothing to do with NPV I have told moe about you, and if you like being on loan safe word to the wise, go find something to do!! If you think for 2 seconds your going to be allowed to push your "1 man" slanted view on anyone your nuts. Just because you went through he'll does not mean others should have to be put through he'll there is a shortcut now. Nothing you say makes sense and your experience is based off 1 loan mod and a dlew if directives that are not all followed I've personally seen 2-3 thousand loan mods. Now bark up another tree or the bigger dog will get you, what that means is simple go help people keep your nose out of stuff you have no desire to really learn about care to learn from the treasury liaison as we did with our Manual, you have no idea who we are or what we have. But at least I diot hide as a guy with nothing better to do on a dial up connection and use the name menace. Get real. Learn about product or leave it alone anything you say following us on threads is going to be removed, you don't get it. I wouldn't **** with moe Bedard . I can put 6 new people on here "experts" for a total of 11 helping him with his forum. If you want to play we can play Respectfully,

Charlie Rose


---end of message---

Now there are mutiple peole I think are planted who are praising or selling the rest report every day. I guess Moe is getting a pocketful because he told me I would be banned for questioning the value of the report in most cases.


If you can do this in 5 easy steps, it would be really great if you would find it in your heart to share the steps here.




For the record, I asked Moe Bedard to check out the Rest Report after talking to Martin Andelman and checking out the report myself.

I checked it out because I thought it might be another scam, but after looking at the report I thought it was a good tool that distressed homeowners need. Moe was also concerned it might be a scam and it had the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. Other than writing an investigative article to alert consumers, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. But I kept prodding Moe to talk to Martin and to at least review the product with an open mind. I have the email evidence of this fact and will ask Moe if he will post it on his site.

As to Martin Andelman, he and I have gone round and round on a few issues, and I have been his worst critic. Google my name and Martin Andelman and see what comes up. I don't dislike Martin. In fact, I consider us friends. I just don't tolerate scams, and Martin has been misled by some people in the past and needed a good slap across the head (figuratively speaking).

While I support the Rest Report, I chose not to get involved with the report myself. I found this site because I am doing a following check on the product to see how it is working.

Now, if you have evidence that the report is flawed, I'd like to know about it. But I am not going to sit here and listen to allegations that are based on false statements and baseless conclusions. As a mortgage professional and industry expert, I understand why this is not a DIY tool. The report is only as reliable as the data, and a professional is needed to run the report. If I were to do the report, I'd have to charge a minimum of $700 for my services.

What I would like to know is if the report is accurate and if borrowers and other professionals are getting results- not speculation based on the past of Moe Bedard. In regard to his past, he has been very upfront and honest with everyone about his past mistakes. And his past mistakes were personal issues- not business related.


I have to say thank you very much to the rest report which BofA is now helping us get a loan modification, which the report showed them we did truly qualify :)


We welcome open discussion on loansafe which has 38,000 members.Perhaps you were banned from that forum and thats why you are here saying the REST Report is a scam and rip-off.

You sound like one of the folks Moe Beddard fired from his staff. And if Martin Andelman was a scam, then do you think he would have written over 400 articles about this foreclosure crisis?

Yes he makes a small percentage off each sale and has disclosed it, and if it were so simple as 5 easy steps, wouldn't you just post those steps here?Give it a REST!

Hope, Arkansas, United States #243742

You bet they are a huge rip off!

That man, M. Adelman states he doesn't make

any money on his advice but yet he is advertising all over Please verify this youselves. This website was started by a felon, Moe Bedard. Once a *** always a ***!

to Frenchie Los Angeles, California, United States #580156

It blows my mind that anyone would claim that Martin Andelman is making money from this crisis.I think he gets about 5 hours sleep a night and spends the rest of his time helping people who are trying not to lose their homes.

Loansafe's forum is one of the only places where you can find people who are fighting the same battle as you are.

Sometimes people make progress and sometimes they don't - we are up against the big banks and their machinations, remember.Thank heavens that people like Martin and the Loansafe folks care enough to share their resources and knowledge with homeowners like me,

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